Sunday, February 25, 2024

Some Photos

 My daughter, like many of her generation, take cellphone pictures. She was at the match yesterday and took some photos.

The old man in the cavalry hat is your humble scribe. The pretty one is my daughter.

A view of the firing line.  You may notice the end stripes of a large American flag hanging in the rafters. I found that flag at an auction.  It is what is known as a mortuary flag.  It originally draped a veterans coffin.  I found it at an auction and I knew that if someone didn't buy it, it would wind up in a dumpster after the sale.  I could not let that happen, so I bought it and hung it over the range.  At the start of every match, we honor it with The Pledge.  It is fitting and proper that wee do so.

The spectator area behind the firing line.  The ladies like to hang out on the couch.  That spot produces a lot of palaver and good-natured ribbing.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good time was had. That was very kind of you honoring that flag in that manner. Several years ago, I saw a flag in zippered plastic case at a consignment shop and passed on it. I didn't give it the same consideration you did.


Old NFO said...

Looking good!

Andrew said...

This kid is pretty good, i like the way he shoots the lever action