Tuesday, February 20, 2024


 I knocked out a couple of piddling projects today.  Nothing special but stuff that needed to be done.  I'll continue in that vein tomorrow.

I haven't really seen anything in the national news that piques me enough to blog about it. The Democrats are generally crazy, and they continue to use the judicial system to attempt to damage the apparent Republican nominee.  This strategy is borne out of desperation.  They are scared to death of him.

This recent fraud case that wrapped up last week has me scratching my head.  Supposedly some sort of commercial fraud, but there are no identifiable victims.  All the banks would do business with him tomorrow and happily got their money the last time.  That doesn't sound like fraud to me. That was nothing but a Stalinist show-trial.

And they wonder why we don't trust them.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

In a sane world, there would have been no trial due to the presumed "plaintiffs" having "no standing" because they could not show damages.

There is a 50% chance that if this ends up in front of the US Supreme Court, that this will be the finding. However, that will be LONG after the election.

All of the aggressors in this episode of lawfare know that and they don't care. They are making a mockery of the tort system to advance their personal interests.

One hopes that professionals who still honor their oaths will give the wayward children a VERY stiff spanking when the time comes.

Old NFO said...

Yep, totally political!

Anonymous said...

It's a 'fractal' of the general problem plaguing us all...
I've concluded that the entirety of the democrat/leftist/liberal control mechanism is predicated on their ability to force a lie on the population through mass media messaging and lawfare of the courts.
Everything they do, follows the same script if you will. There is a fabrication, which is beaten into the population, dissenters are 'taken care of', and further enforcement and tyranny is enacted in the name of protecting everyone from the boogeyman that doesn't really exist.

Climate Change (Global Warming, before facts proved otherwise)
The Kung Flu
Russia, Russia, Russia
2020 election
All this tranny crap...

... Pick something, anything, any issue the left and right fight over, and the nut of the thing, is a belief that "A is true, therefore..." Underlying it all is a little white lie that just wasn't worth fighting over at the outset, but now its metastasized into complete and total tyranny by delusional whack-jobs who have inverted the very laws of nature and God himself.

Abortion isn't murder if you just accept that life does not begin at conception, but rather some later time deemed socially acceptable at the current moment. Now wholesale auctioning of live fetal tissue and organs is a thing. Do you know that? They're more valuable if not frozen. They harvest the organs while it's still alive... but it's not murder, got that? They accept this as true, and construct everything they believe about abortion around that one foundational (blatantly obvious) lie. They justify killing the fetus because it's not alive yet, and at the same time charge a premium for the organs and tissue if harvested while the fetus is alive. Schroedinger's Fetus I guess?

This witch hunt against Cheeto Jesus is all the same. How do you have a fraud trial with no victims? Huh? Rape allegations from 80 years ag by some skank? Huh?

All of it, their entire world view, is based on lies.