Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Bump Stocks, Again

 The Supremes are listening to arguments about bump stocks today.  The justices are out of their element, because most of them don't understand modern firearms at all.  Truly, they are clueless.

One of the best ideas of the day comes to us from the Firearms Policy Coalition

Justice Jackson says guns with bump stocks can fire 800 rounds a second.

More coverage here.  But, 800 rounds a second?   Methinks that Madame Justice Jackson just exposed her complete ignorance on the subject.  We generally consider the cyclic rate of an M4 carbine to be about 700-900 rounds per minute, but cyclic rate is an engineering term. Not even a rotary barreled minigun can reach 800 rounds per second.

Justice Jackson should check her ignorance.


Anonymous said...

I would want one of them 800 round per second black scary guns, but the thought of loading the mags has me convinced otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Well,that’s emptying a magazine-clip in an eye blink! Ban bumping stocks fer shure!

Andrew said...

she doesn't even know what a women is...

Anonymous said...

I don’t think anyone without extensive firearms knowledge has any business creating or judging firearms laws. And there are damned few in any part of government with even minimal factual knowledge.