Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday Prepping

 The CFDA shooting season is in full swing, and I'm prepping for several shoots.  We have our club monthly match tomorrow, and I'm in the shop, getting ready for that.  Then, looking forward into March, it's going to get busy

Second Saturday in March, the club is hosting a jackpot shoot.  We're doing a 100% payout, so we won't make any money on that one.  Third Saturday is the Texas State shoot, and we're helping with that one.  I'm almost through loading ammo for Texas State.  Fourth Saturday is our club monthly match, and the calendar will roll into April, with Georgia State coming early in April.

Sometime during March, I'll have to go vote in the presidential primary and pull a laver for Trump. Election day in Louisiana is Saturday, March 23d, but I'm sure that there will be early voting.

Did the Supremes ever decide if Trump will be on the ballot in Colorado?  If they did, I haven't seen any news on that.

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