Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Banking in the Century

 An old man ran headlong into the banking industry this morning.  Drinking my coffee, I tried to log on to the bank to assess my liquidity. I could not get in, so I called the tech line, and after an hour or so, decided that THAT wasn't working, so I packed up the computer, cranked the van and went to the back. With a level of pissed-off that I haven't had this year.

I walked into the bank, asked to see the manager.  Sweet young lady, who listened to my complaint with apt attention. Then she told me that she felt like she was being personally attacked.

At that point I took a deep breath, and refrained from telling her that I had been a soldier for 25 years and that if I were attacking her, I would not be talking with her.  I know what an attack looks like and it is much more unpleasant than she could ever imagine. But again, I refrained.  I didn't want her to "catch the vapors", as the old folks once said.

She got me over to her tech guru, and we opened my computer.  It took the tech guru 25 minutes to get my computer communicating with the bank, and she had to call in backup to get it done.  This was not seamless, even for the bank personnel.

This is banking in the 21st century.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

"She FELT like..."

Her job as a manager is to resolve customer issues and to make money for her employer.

If she does not FEEL like communicating with some of the bank's customers, then she needs a different job. Maybe something like making coffee or third-shift maintenance.

Old NFO said...

Agree with ERJ, and she obviously was NOT understanding that you were unhappy with the bank...

Anonymous said...

I think the disconnect is “to get my computer communicating with the bank”. Your computer being the key phrase. The bank isn’t your personal IT support.

Maybe it’s generational. Which depending on what side of the thing a person is on could be attributed to the degeneration of customer service on one hand or boomer entitlement and lack of basic technological ability.

BobF said...

Anonymous: I can't speak for PawPaw, but when I pay the bank their fees to provide a service, failure to provide that service is most certainly a failure on the bank's part and it is they to whom I would register my complaint.

If THEY have an issue with their department or contractor, whichever the case may be, the entities can deal with each other. Bottom line is that it is the bank who owes me the service I pay them for.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Having a functional website is THEIR responsibility. Your ability/ inability to use basic modern technology to access their website is YOUR responsibility. Have a grand kid come over, take a class at the local community college, find a friendly local computer guy.

Put it like this. If the gas station sells you bad gas it’s their responsibility. If the gas is fine and everyone else is happily driving away it’s not the gas. That your car is broken or you are unable to drive your car out of the station is your responsibility.

Reltney McFee said...

I agree w/ ERJ (and with you). "Sweety, IDGAF how you are feeling. Rest assured, I am NOT attacking you. If I were, you would NOT presently be unhappy. You would be unconscious."

Thought, not stated.

In addition, when did it become necessary that I spend (amount) on products to access MY bank records? How about simply print that stuff out, hand it to me, and adios?