Thursday, February 29, 2024

Lunch Date

 I took my mother to the doctor's office this morning for a routine visit.  Then we went to lunch.  She's 90 years old, and doesn't get out much, and that's as much my fault as anyone's

We took her to a little diner that has been around forever, then drove the long way back to her house so we could remanence abut places and things.  She is back home now, probably taking a nap.

That's how I spent my morning.


juvat said...

Well Done PP. Wish I could still do that. Enjoy it while you can.

ThinkingOutLoud said...

Good on you and Miss Belle for taking your mother out for lunch and a drive. Simple pleasures make good memories. I learned a lot about my husband, listening to him and his mom chat while we drove around his childhood town. Glad you all had a nice morning.

Old NFO said...

Always good to get out of the house, and especially to reminisce.

BobF said...

Do it while you can. When in New Orleans for a visit I used to take my mother to her favorite diner so she could get the fried eggs she couldn't get at the assisted care place where she lived. I miss her and those breakfasts. Do another lunch with her SOON.

And, had someone tell me a few days ago, "Best bisque I've ever had!" Your recipe but with shrimp. Planning another batch (x2) this weekend.

Anonymous said...

A blessing to still have your Mom around. Mine has been gone since 2018 (RIP Mom) and I still miss her.

Hope your lunch went well.