Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wisdom, from Comments

One of the thing that bloggers learn is that their commenters bring another level of experience to the conversation.  One such example is found in comments, here.
jon spencer said...If the magnets don't work, try 3M VHB tape.
There are several types of this tape so contacting someone who knows is recommended.
I have used it to mount radios and other electronics on boats and they stayed in place while taking severe vibration and shocks. ....
Thanks, jon!  Your comment got me to pondering, and while tape might work very well, I'd like to be able to pull the sensors off to be stored indoors.  My targets are outside and rain, moisture, sleet and all the other forms of Louisiana are tough on electronics.  But, I remember from my Army days that we used to hang electronics on the side of tanks and other vehicles with good, old fashioned velcro.

I myself, as recently as five years ago, used velcro to hang a control box under the roof of my Kawasaki Mule.  That control box is still hanging there, even after all the bumps, knocks, and jostles that I've been able to subject it to.  And, with teaching five grandsons to drive off-road vehicles, it's been through plenty.

If the magnets don't work, I know where I'm going to turn next.


John said...

I worked as a passenger railcar mechanic for a while, the tip about VHB is a good one, if using VHB tape you better be sure that whatever you want to stick is in the correct location before you stick it.
For things that have to stick well, but have to be removed, we used a 3M product called Dual Lock.

jon spencer said...

Thanks, I should have mentioned the velcro.
Did not even think about the velcro and I have my garage door opener velcroed to the faring on my motorcycle.
Too remove the remote requires a bit of effort.
The remote has never fallen off or even moved in the several years that it has been attached.