Monday, January 16, 2017


As we turn to the inauguration, we see that some folks are going to boycott the inauguration.  Most famously, Representative John Lewis (D-Ga).  Rep Lewis, you might recall, is a civil rights icon who was famously beaten into a coma while marching with Dr. King.  We note, for the record that Lewis was beaten by Democrats, but that hasn't stopped him from being a reliable voice for his Democratic masters.

At any rate, Lewis intends to boycott Donald Trump's inauguration, and some say that this is unprecedented.  Not so, as Ed Driscoll points out.
“Newspapers continue to cite the boycott as an unprecedented act….But this isn’t the first time [John] Lewis [D-GA] has boycotted a presidential inauguration. According to a Washington Post article written on January 21, 2001, Lewis and other members of the Black Caucus boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration because they didn’t ‘believe Bush is the true elected president.’ Lewis spent the day in his Atlanta district.”
Representative Lewis is simply a poor loser.  If his candidate doesn't win, he stays away.

Of course, before you can be a sore loser, you have to be a loser.  I think that describes Rep Lewis exactly.  The people of Georgia deserve better.


Anonymous said...

FOX networks Kennedy said it right , that if Lewis says that Trump is a bastard president, then he must also feel that we must likewise have a bastard constitution, as that is the process by which he was elected. Lewis has frankly been lining his pockets for the 50 years since Selma, where, it should be noted, he was NOT the only other man walking. Dr King's message was to give blacks a chance to compete equally for America's many blessings; Lewis rolled over on that, and became just another man in office too long, having abandoned that worthy goal, and choosing the way of the Victim Class instead .

Old NFO said...

Agree with Anon, that way I don't have to cuss... sigh

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Lewis can't remember skipping GWB's inauguration 16 years ago, but he can certainly remember everything he did 5 decades and more ago.
By the way, PawPaw, I didn't see any cursing in Anon's comment. He (or she) did say "bastard", but that isn't a curse word. It's the correct term for a child born out of wedlock; it comes from the French "fil de bast", meaning, in rough translation, "son of the barnyard".
--Tennessee Budd