Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Nothing to Report

Nothing much to report today,, and nothing I saw in the news struck me as remarkable.  So, I'm not remarking on it.

I did go out to Camp Beauregard today to take care of an errand, and while there, went by the PX.  I was out of hooch, and wanted something suitable for mixing with cola.  Swilling whiskey, it you will, not sipping whiskey.  Something with bite that didn't bite the checkbook.  Rotgut, as it were.

And, I found it.  On the bottom shelf of the booze aisle, this isn't top-shelf stuff.  No, this is decidedly bottom shelf.  Three year old bourbon, distributed by the Atlantic Distillery, whoeverinthehell they are.

I surfed around, tying to decipher the actual distilller.  Some think that it's Barton's distillery out of Kentucky, another thread thinks that it's Heaven Hill distillery, another well known bourbon distiller.  When Belle gets home this afternoon, and it's time for a cocktail, that's what is going in my glass.

Don't get me wrong, fellows, I appreciate a good sipping whiskey as much as the next guy.  But, when you're mixing it with cola, there's no sense in wasting the good stuff.  For 90% of my drinking, it's rotgut all the way.


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Anonymous said...

The rule in my household is that anyone who mixes my single-malt scotch with ANYTHING except a SMALL amount of ice or a SMALL amount of water will be skinned. Then rolled in salt.

Mark D