Monday, January 16, 2017

Switch Sensor Mount, V 1.5

We continue to experiment with the hit sensors, trying to make a "cleaner" mount, but one built with readily available materials.  So, this morning, I cut some lucite more closely to fit the box, then got a materials list together and headed to the store.  First stop was Harbor Freight, where I found some little ceramic bar magnets.

These little magnets are readily available, and fairly inexpensive.  at 99 cents per pack.  I also picked up some epoxy.  Then I went to a hardware store where I got some 10X24X1" countersunk machine screws with nylon lock nuts and flat washers.

Then, I came home, roughed up the lucite where the magnets will sit, then mixed up some epoxy and adhered them to the lucite.

I'll leave everything stuck to the target until the epoxy cures, then mount the sensor box between the two magnets with litle screws.  Like so.

It looks like a lot cleaner installation, and I don't have to scrounge magnets out of hard-drives.  If those magnets adhere properly to the lucite, I'll go down later this week and buy enough for the full range.


Goatwhiskers said...

Shouldn't have any problem with adhesion. I once "temporarily" mounted a home-made scope mount to a rifle barrel with Brownells acra-gel. When I decided to go ahead and solder the thing on, I almost didn't get it off, even with heat. GW

Old NFO said...

That should work! I'd be leary of the magnets being equal strength though...

jon spencer said...

If the magnets don't work, try 3M VHB tape.
There are several types of this tape so contacting someone who knows is recommended.
I have used it to mount radios and other electronics on boats and they stayed in place while taking severe vibration and shocks.
But I cannot remember what the 3M number of the tape was.
I have also seen it used to mount a GPS on a float planes dash, it was still there after 2 years.
Getting it to release can be trying. Cost can be a major factor too as it is expensive. You do have to pay for the good stuff though.
This foam tape is not the same tape that is sold to hang stuff on a wall. It is high quality and its holding power is as close to a permanent bond as you can get.