Thursday, January 05, 2017

He Went There

The Firearms Blog is one of my daily reads.  TFB aggregates firearms news from around the world, and it's interesting to see what they highlight every day.

One post that got me chuckling is this one, and I'll link to the YouTube video where some dude makes the argument that the .45 ACP is not optimal for self-defense.

It's an interesting argument, and it's one that I've made over the past decade.  The vast strides that the industry has made in bullet manufacture, metallurgy, and better powders has put the lowly 9mm and the newer .40SW into serious contention as premier self-defense rounds.

I myself carry a .40 SW Glock every day at work.  For my personal, pocket carry, I prefer the .38 special revolver.  I get the guy's argument, I really do.  But, it doesn't convince me to dispose of my 1911s.  Short and fat still gets the job done.  It may not be optimal, but I'm not optimal either.

Still, I can't believe that he went there.  He must be getting some real hate-mail.

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Robert Fowler said...

" Short and fat still gets the job done. "
Hey now, I resemble that remark.

I carried 1911's for a long time. Then a dog loving lawyer made me a deal on a P228 Sig in 40 S&W. That was a good carry gun. Lately I've been carrying a Ruger P95 9mm. It was a gun show find at a price I couldn't resist.* With 2 spare mags, it's 46 rounds. Since I'm a ammo manufacturer, I carry my own loads topped with Honady 115gr XTP bullets. So far those are the best bullets I've found for good controlled expansion.

After some discussion, I decided that the Ruger being cheaper was the better choice. Since I deliver pizza part time, I'd rather the police hold a 300 dollar Rugar in evidence than a 900 dollar Sig. Hopefully I'll never have to use it, but it seems that even here in Des Moines it open season on delivery drivers.