Saturday, January 28, 2017

Louisiana State

Belle, Zach, and I went to Natchitoches today to meet with the head of the Historic District Business association.  It was a very productive trip, they're all-in on our event.  It helps when the business community is on your side.  Of course, it's a win-win.  We're getting a great venue, and they're getting new customers.

Lots of shopping along that little street, and Belle had to look in some of the boutiques.

She says that the ladies are rally going to like this shop.  Plenty of stuff that can be used in Fast Draw, to include jewelry.  A gal must be able to accessorize, and the prices seem to be very reasonable.

Of course, all that meeting and shopping makes a person hungry, so we had to pop into a local restaurant and try the fare.

Zach is trying to get around an over-stuffed po'boy.  He made good work of it, too.

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