Saturday, January 07, 2017

First Practice of 2017

We had a great practice today, with five shooters.  Luckily, Big Mark was able to find a heater for the barn, one of those jet-engine gizmos that blows fire out the tail.  Unfortunately, it sounds like a jet engine too.  But, otherwise, a great practice.

Many of us hadn't cleared leather since before Christmas, but we fell right back into the routine.  Blue-Eyed Belle is solid in the 9s, and hit a couple of 8s today.

That's Big Mark, our club Marshall on Lane 1, and Blue Eyed Belle on Lane 2.

It was a great practice.  We shot, we planned for the state shoot, and we spent a couple of hours with like-minded folks.   Now, we're home enjoying a cocktail.  It was a very good Saturday.

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Old NFO said...

That's nice, if cold practice... And the noise makes a good 'interferer' if you will... :-)