Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Secret Service Agent Faces Discipline

It seems like one Secret Service Agent has pissed in her Wheaties.
A Secret Service agent with an overdeveloped sense of sharing finds herself in hot water with her superiors after posting a note on social media that she’d “take jail time over a bullet” and refuse to protect Donald Trump if so assigned. CBS News reports this morning that the agency has already opened an investigation of Kerry O’Grady, and that they plan to take some sort of action soon:
I learned a long time ago to separate personal and professional, and to not talk about the job online.  I've been a cop for a long time, and I've told cop stories on this site, but I never talk about anything current as it applies to the job.

Bless her heart.  After they suspend her for a couple of weeks, they should just assign her to Hillary Clinton's detail.  Hillary Clinton will get Secret Service protection for life as the wife of Bill.   From what little I know about Hillary's protective detail, and the way she treats "the help", being assigned to that detail might be just exactly what his Agent needs.


Old NFO said...

That would be the 'perfect' new billet for her...LOL

Dave said...

I was thinking counterfeit detail in the Bismark, ND office, but yours might be better.

Jerry The Geek said...

I don't suppose a "GoGundMe" page would ...
uh ... no. Clearly not.

Never mind.