Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Siilly Signs

Moving around the other day, I happened to see a sign, nailed to a utility pole, and had to laugh.

I had to stop and snap a picture.  I'm still wondering just exactly who this sign is supposed to enlighten?  I've been a cop for a long time, and I generally don't pay attention to such signs while I'm on duty.  If someone calls me to a location, I'm bringing my gun.

If I'm off-duty, I do my very best to honor the wishes of those folks who want their premises to be gun-free.  If they don't want my business, that's fine, I'll stay away, but if they call me on-duty, the gun comes with me.

It's a wonder that people spend money on signs like this.

1 comment:

Joe Mama said...

Probably motivated by an insurance company or an opportunistic lawsuit. Some hot-house flower probably got the vapors when he/she/it saw the handle of a Glock near the schoolhouse.