Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pawn Shop Crawling

My middle sister came in from Mandeville to spend the weekend at Momma's. She wanted to go pawn-shopping, so we went to my favorite shop to look around. There were six of us and the ladies gravitated to the silver. They picked up a few nice pieces of silver plate and one piece of sterling.

I had been in the same pawn shop this morning and was looking around the gun counter. I found a 12 gauge Remington 870 Express, magnum receiver, vent rib shotgun for $150.00 out the door. The counter guy threw in a soft gun case. It needs a good cleaning and oiling, but is in overall excellent condition. I feel like I hit the jackpot.


bigtim said...

pawn shops rule

Anonymous said...

I agree with your "jackpot" assessment.



Anonymous said...

In the corridor North from Seattle to Everret are half a dozen pawn shops all of which used to have good deals on used guns. In the last ten or so years all the firearms in the racks have become holy and precious beyond price. So they stay on the racks under an inch of dust. Would you believe a badly hacksawed #3MkI Enfield with no front sight or magazine priced at $300.00, or a post 64 M94 Winchester carbine with the barrel plugged with rust at $450.00?

In the words of my idol, Bugs Bunny, "Wad'da Bunch'a Maroons!"

Gerry N.