Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Football

This is a "turn around" post. I just got in from school, and in about 45 minutes I've got to turn around and go back. Tonight is Week One of Louisiana High School Football. High schools all over the state have been tuning bands, painting lines, practicing cheers and having pep rallies. In this season, as in all seasons, hope springs eternal.

Our coach has us playing some tough teams in the early weeks, before district play. Hopefully our boys will know that they're playing the big dogs and know that once they get to district-level teams the hard part is behind them.

I've worked at the High School for seven years and haven't seen a football game yet. There's lots to do during the game, and while I catch a few minutes of the action from time to time, I'm generally working during a game. If I want to see the team play, I go to an away game.

Ten weeks of football, then we start the playoff season. Starting tonight.

**UPDATE** It was ugly, it was nasty. Bolton lost to Peabody, 41-0.

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