Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Remember when?

David sent me some Chevy posters and I have to admit, they bring back memories.

Yeah, I remember carbs. The Holley 4-barrel was a big aftermarket item, along with Crane cams.

Yeah, I remember her.


Old NFO said...

Oh YEAH! I also remember putting a $50 on the dash of an LS-6 Chevelle and betting the guy he couldn't get it under full accel (and he didn't)!

J said...

The cars I owned I loved the most were a 57 T-bird and a 59 Corvette. It's a wonder I survived owning that Corvette. Think going sideways at 120+ mph. . . .

Rich Jordan said...

Mopar guy here ;)

The carbs I care about are someday going to be under the hood of my Challenger (first car, still owned, woohoo!) Wish I had it put back together though!

The carbs I _worry_ about are all the CARB based regulations getting forced down our throats... I _like_ my NATO jerry cans, and CARB approved cans and spouts... well... they suck.