Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Acorn Video

There's a new James O'Keefe video out about the Acorn scam, this one out of San Bernadino CA. It's great stuff, shocking.

In the video, ACORN employee Theresa Kaelke talks about killing her husband, and I'm not familiar with the applicable California statutes, but it sounds chillingly like manslaughter to me. Then, in the next minute, she threatens a neighbor across the street with his life is he talks about anything he's heard.

I'm still amazed. Let's embed it, shall we?

These people use tax money and the videos we've seen so far show that they're willing to ignore the law to defraud the government, hide income from the IRS, traffic in underage children, and now Theresa Kaelke talks about manslaughter, running a prostitution service, violating campaign finance laws, and communicating threats.

Congress should pull their funding, today. The various District Attorneys should immediately launch investigations into individual offices and the various US Attorneys should pursue RICO indictments against everyone employed. It's becoming increasingly obvious that ACORN is a continuing criminal enterprise.

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Old NFO said...

One can only hope...