Monday, September 07, 2009

Before and Now

Back about the turn of the century, Junior and I started a little e-zine called The Frugal Outdoorsman. We took file photos and posted them so that people would know what we look like.

A person emailed me some time ago and I realized that I don't look like that anymore. I'm the default picture taker around here, so I'm often behind the lens.

Here's the before picture.

Here's the now picture.

Damn! Ten years is rough on a fellow, isn't it?

I guess it's about time to change the file photos. Junior! You can steal it from here, or I can email you the photo. Your choice.


Old NFO said...

Oh well, we were 'never' known for our beauty, right? :-)

J said...

I'll just steal it, Pawpaw.

Hey, Old NFO, I'll have you know I was "Most Handsome" in the LaSalle High School School Senior Class of 1960.

be603 said...

It's not the years. It's the miles. /heh

Flintlock Tom said...

Well at least your trigger discipline has improved.


Anonymous said...

its not the years, its miss Jane's cooking, dad