Thursday, September 03, 2009

Just damn!

Courtesy of SayUncle, we find a thread at the arfcom forums where a guy made a display for his store.

No, it's not a real cartridge. He calls it the 5.7mm Xpress and says it launches a 75 grain Hornady bullet at 7500 fps.


Anonymous said...

I like the ammo factory in the old attache case. I have a 26' 5th wheel trailer for me and the missus. My trailer ammo factory is in an old two tray fishing tackle box. I also have a very disreputable '70 Ford hi-top camper van for me and my dog. My ammo factory in that one is in another old tackle box. My ammo factory at home is in the garage. (I load for 15 rifle and pistol cartridges and shoot five muzzleloading calibers.)

I'm seriously considering cutting down to four or five rifle and three or four handgun calibers just to simplify things a tad.

Gerry N.

Old NFO said...

Daumnnn.... Had ME going for a minute... Somebody WILL build something like that just because they can!

El Capitan said...

Reminds me of P.O. Ackley's .22/.378 Weatherby Magnum hybrid called the ".22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer".

I'm thinking I'd want a 96" barrel, and use an interrupted-screw cannon breech just to contain the pressure and burn all that powder!

J said...

Some years back one of the gun rags had an article about the labratory gun used to simulate space debris hitting the window of a shuttle. IIRC, it went 10,000 fps. The barrel was a smoothbore.