Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Connecticut Shotgun?

Never heard of them, but I read about them over at Phil Bourjaily's blog and I'm impressed. Classic, American double shotguns. Fine shotguns.

You've got to go to their website and look at these shotguns. But, I'll give you a teaser.

RBL 28ga- This RBL 28ga is available immediately in the following features. Black American Wood upgrade 3X. Splinter forend, Double triggers, Straight grip. 14 1/4" LOP 30"M/F. This gun weights 5lbs 12oz. This unbelievable American classic is available immediately. Cased with all accessories. It is brand new, warranty and available immediately.
Price, you ask? A piddling $4035.00. Granted, they're too rich for my blood and I'll have to make do with the odd Remington 870 and Winchester Model 12, but it doesn't hurt to look.

Aaah, hell, here's one more. The A10 American. It's a 12 bore, with sideplates, modestly engraved.

It's good to know that wonderful shotguns are still available. Now, what did I do with that lottery ticket?


J said...

I get all squirmy when I hold in my hands beautiful women and over-and-under shotguns. (The shotguns are cheaper even at $5,000 per.)

zdogk9 said...

Thanks, now I have drool all over the keyboard.