Friday, September 25, 2009

Game Cameras

Game cameras, also called trail or scouting cameras are a relatively new item in the outdoors retail market. It's a simple concept. Put a camera on a tree and take pictures of things that walk by, whether it's game, or poachers, or whatever it might be. It's a form of outdoor photography that's fairly new and fairly basic.

Some folks say that the flash of the camera disturbs the game and old Mossy-horn won't get caught by that trick twice. Other folks say that the flash doesn't bother game. Some cameras use infrared light to take nighttime photos. The claim is made that the infrared flash doesn't disturb the game.

Everything that I've read suggests to me that game can't see infrared light any better than we can, so the camera shouldn't spook anything moving about at night.

Today I was walking through Academy Sports and Outdoors and saw a camera that caught my eye. The Wildview TGL3IR Game Camera. It's an entry-level game camera that has an IR emitter for nighttime use.

I bought the thing and I've played with it enough in the backyard that I'm comfortable with the way it works. I think I'm going to put it at Momma's place overlooking a feeder and see if I can catch any pics of animals using the feeder. It ought to be an interesting experiment.


Anonymous said...

An old schoolmate of mine is a wildlife photographer and game biologist. Years ago he advised me to buy a Yashica GS35 camera because it took wonderful pictures in the dark with 800 speed film and was very inexpensive. Only problem was one exposure a night.

I got some really good pics of poachers and some of game, too. It used a trip wire, not an electronic trigger.

It is still my contention that possesion of a crossbow in the woods should be prima facia evidence that the possesor is a poacher and should rightly be shot or hanged out of hand. Kinda like hangin' someone caught with a running iron in the "Olde Weste".

Gerry N.

J said...

My nephew has his game camera temporarily set on the persimmon tree just across the fence in the north corner of his front yard. The other morning we watched a coyote jumping and trying to bite persimmons off the limbs.

Last year we caught five different bucks using the "buck gate" I wrote about on One was a 10 point. . . .

Anonymous said...

I have been using them for years and love them... Get several cards and rechargable batteries. Went to the deer woods today and put out seven at different feeders and food plots. Your are going to really enjoy your camera.

Keelytm said...

This sounds like fun! Sometimes I get in moods where I focus on certain areas. Right now it's hunting. Even though the next hunting season I'll be participating in is still months away, I've already bought a new scope and bullet lube. Now I think I will add a game camera to that list.

Kate Harlington said...

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