Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, thanks for asking

Yes, indeed, Milady is still in the hospital, though making progress. The tubes are removed and she is eating. She was on a liquid diet last night and sent me downstairs to buy a milkshake. Hopefully, food today and home before the weekend.

I see where Governor Blanco has decided to devote her attention to the business of the state and not run for re-election. Good for her. I have to give the devil her due: Blanco has been good for economic development. The work she's done in the past years may position us well for the future. Her performance in response to Katrina and Rita has killed her politically.

For those who might be concerned that she will become a lame duck, State Rep Joel Robideaux says Blanco still has her veto power, so "as long as she has a pen with ink in it, she's not totally a lame duck."

Pundits expect our retired senator, John Breaux to enter the race. He lives in Maryland now, is registered to vote there, and is in the political consulting business. Strange thinks happen in Louisiana politics and I wouldn't be surprised if Breaux came home and entered the race.

For damn sure, Bobby Jindal is going to have to adjust his talking points. With Blanco out of the race, the contest isn't about beating her. It's about what's best for Louisiana.

On a more personal note, I learn in email that my beloved aunt takes exception to my general characterization of physicians. I had overlooked the fact that her daughter, one of my cousins, is a practicing physician. I have never watched her practice, and she may have the technical knowledge of DeBakey, the healing touch of St Luke, and the compassion of Mother Theresa. Then again, she might not. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Let me add Dr Joe Landreneau, Alexandria cardiologist, and NP John Wilson, VA team leader, to your short list of competent and caring physicians. Both men are not only highly trained and skilled, they are good guys.

Unknown said...

I wish your wife well, Pawpaw. I'll be sure to keep her in my prayers.