Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pawn Shops

I got a call from the local pawn shop this week. Milady had a ring being sized by the jeweler they keep on site, and the ring was ready. This morning, my sister and I went to the pawn shop to pick up the ring. While we were there, I spotted a nice ladies ring in sterling silver and garnet. As luck would have it, today is my sisters birthday and the ring fit her. It was karma. I bought the ring and handed it to her. She was looking at some chairs, and finished her shopping by buying a set of Victorian chairs.

While waiting for the cashier, I wandered over to the gun counter and talked to Joe, who knows that I'm always looking for something. The something today was a Ruger Mark II. I've never owned one, but think it would be the perfect pistol to use to teach the grandkids pistolcraft.

Two rings, a set of chairs, and a pistol. The pawn shop did very well this morning.


Xavier said...


I just passed on two MKIIs, simply because I do not feel the need. They are wonderful shooters.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you did well, too. That's a beaut of a MKII


James said...

I've taught mny beginning shooters on a gov't target model mark II. There's nothing better, accurate with low recoil.

Unknown said...

I've owned several of these over the years. I have a 50th anaversary model now and I love it.

I teach the NRA basic pistol class, mostly to women and kids, new shooters usually.

The mark II and my single six are the best for use in the class. Good shooters that don't scare folks with noise and recoil. said...

The Ruger is a perfect way to pass on the pleasures of shooting, plus, the thing will last long enough to be passed on for generations!

Good job.

Anonymous said...

My wife emphatically prefers our MKII over the 1911 .45.
I can't figure out why.

Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, that 22 pistol will take squirrel hunting to a higher level.