Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday update

It's Wednesday, which is generally recognized as Hump Day, a time when the week is half over.

Here in Louisiana, we're experiencing wonderful weather. Morning lows about 40, afternoon highs in the lower 70s. Regular readers know that I motorcycle, and this week has been one that sees me two-wheeling to work every morning.

You never really learn defensive driving until you straddle a motorcycle. When I'm on a motorbike, I start with the full knowledge that every car on the road is out to kill me. Personally. I also know that any particular stretch of road may not be what it appears to be. A patch of oil, a broken bottle, an errant armadillo and something that a car could traverse takes extra caution from a motorcyclist. You've never really motorcycled until you've run over an armadillo.

It's the little things that will kill you, along with the big things, and there are some problems that are particulary two-wheel problems. Auto drivers don't have to contend with something called a Tank Slapper, which is an uncontrolled oscillation of the handlebars from left to right. Auto riders don't have to worry about a high-side crash, nor do they know one from a low-side crash.

Let's face it; the natural resting posture of a motorcyle is on its side. If you get off one and turn loose of the handlebars, it'll fall over.

Motorcycles are as addictive as crack cocaine, yet I can't imagine ever being without a motorbike. Those of you who ride know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

I hope the weather stays good thru the weekend, after I get in from work tomorrow. The ZR-7S is calling me.......And so are the catfish.

The Termite

HollyB said...

We're having the same weather here in N.TX. The top has been down on my "Silver Bullet" and Boo and I have been lovin' it. I've been gettin' some yard work done and it's supposed to hold through the weekend.
Ain't Spring grand?

Geek with a Pen said...

AMEN, Brother!

Keep the shiny side UP!