Sunday, March 11, 2007


After thirty-something years of taking kids to the doctor, and paying doctor bills, and worrying over their fevers and cuts and blisters and bones, I suddenly had my kids raised. And I didn't worry about a doctor, because I am, after all, immortal.

I could probably stand to lose a few pounds, and exercise more, and take better care of myself, but all in all I'm a splendid example of a man. I don't even take aspirin.

However, I am 53 years old, and the wife has been lobbying for me to go get a doctor and have him give me a look-see. So, on March 1st, I walked into the doctor's office to have him quantify what I suspected all along. It didn't quite work out like that. I strode into the doctors office a strapping middle aged man in the prime of health and came out a pitiful wreck. I'm surprised he didn't tie me to a wheelchair.

It turns out I smoke, to which physicians are opposed. I should probably lose 50 pounds, get some exercise, and take a pill every day to get my blood pressure down to normal levels. And as long as I was taking that blood pressure pill, then taking an aspirin for my heart, and taking Chantix to quit smoking shouldn't be much of a burden.

So, from taking no meds on February 28th, and thirty years earlier, now I take four pills a day. In the morning, a Chantix washes down with coffee. In the afternoon, a Benicar for my blood, along with a low-dose aspirin for my heart, and the second Chantix.

The only reason I'm writing about this is because the ladies at the church asked what I'm taking, and I didn't know. I don't look at the name of the drug, I just take it. They all read the blog, so they'll all know what I'm taking.

Chantix is the damndest drug I've ever taken. I still need to use willpower sometimes, but the cravings have almost disappeared. I'm on day 11 and scheduled to take Chantix for eight weeks. I'm going to beat cigarettes. It's finally my time to quit smoking and I think that'll be good for my health in the long run. Exercise is fine as long as it doesn't cut into my nap time.

Now, everyone knows my health status. My gun-oriented or political readers will understand that I'll go back to regular posting soon.

It is my experience that when people quit some activity, they tend to rail against it. That isn't my intent with these pages. I will note that the two types of people who most tend to cast aspersions on other practicioners are converted smokers and converted prostitutes. I may be being too hard on the whores, though.


Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, there's nothing worse than a member of OFS, known as Obnoxious Former Smokers. I'm proud to say I'm a charter member.

Rivrdog said...

Converted prostitutes.

Isn't there a law against them? Don't they have to join convents or something like that?