Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Update

Light blogging this week. Milady is in the hospital. She had surgery to remove a pre-cancerous mass. The surgeon got it out, she's doing fine, but still in the hospital. She'll probably be there through the weekend, so blogging will be light.

I do note with some interest that Governor Blanco has decided to run for reelection. That comes as no big surprise. There is some speculation that retired Senator John Breaux might throw his hat in the ring, but I doubt it, personally. He coulda been the Guvnor back when, but decided to stay in Washington and get in the lobby/consultant business. He's doing well by all accounts.

In other news, I see that this article talks about the local issue that Pineville and those areas north of the river face over the question of alcohol sales. Pinevill has long been a bastion of no alcohol sales. In 1981 a local option election opened up parts of Ward 9 to package sales of low alcohol. In 2005, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on a Sabine Parish case that has implications for Rapides Parish. Mark my words, it'll come to a vote, and the leadership in Pineville had better stand up and be counted.

Personally, I'd prefer they come down on the side of freedom. Way back in the '60s, I was taught that we pretty much answered the question of prohibition with the 21st Amendment. Nationl prohibition didn't work and local prohibition doesn't work. The local election in 81 was a watershed for the folks north of the river, and the demographics have changed considerably in the last 25 years. If it came to a vote tomorrow, some folks might be painfully surprised.

Unfortunately, freedom isn't a concern of folks who would ban something.

So, when you see a politiciam waving a flag, ask then what they think about the ban of your choice.

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HollyB said...

It's Saturday morning, I hope you wife is doing well and no post-op complications have arisen.
How's the Chantix workin'?