Saturday, March 03, 2007

Crack of the bat.

I love baseball. It's a civilized game. Truly American, with all of our foibles and problems. Popularly attributed to Abner Doubleday it is still a game that we spend lots of time, money, and effort on.

I wouldn't give a double-damn for any small town that didn't have a baseball park for the kids to play ball on a summer afternoon.

One local high school team is sponsoring a tournament, and your scribe is tasked with working it today. In a couple of hours, I have to pull on my boots and trek out to the local park.

Bringhurst Field is home to a number of teams, including the Alexandria Aces, our local farm club. A number of high school teams call Bringhurst home and scheduling is at a premium. All of the high school teams have to be finished at the field by May 15th, which is the Ace's opener for the summer. I was told last night that LSUA is starting a ball club and will use Bringhurst as their home field until they can construct a field of their own.

Bringhurst sits adjacent to the Alexandria Zoo. Batters know that if they shank a foul ball over the 3rd base bleachers, they run the danger of killing an ostrich. However, if they can slap a home run over the left field wall, it might land in the lion pen. It is truly cool to watch a ball sail over that wall, then hear a lion roar. No one tries to collect those home run balls.

So, I'll spend my day at the ball park.


Rivrdog said...

I guess PETA doesn't carry much weight down your way, PawPaw. Up here, they would have had to move the park so that the animals wouldn't have to face the chance of being hit by a baseball.

Anonymous said...

Down here "PETA" means People Eating Tasty Animals. Heck, years ago we had an ostrich processing plant north of here, back before the ostrich market crashed.

The Termite