Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday update

After I finished at the ball park yesterday, I came home to find my elder son disassemling his truck in my driveway. Something was bad wrong in the transmission and he wanted to see what the problem was. So, I changed clothes and got some wrenches and helped him get ready to pull the transmission. Darkness caught us as I was pulling the starter, so we folded the project for the night.

He went to get the grandchildren and I ordered a pizza. He and the kids helped me eat the pizza and they left about nine.

This morning, after church, we tackled the transmission and had it on the ground at noon. It took us most of the day to disassemble it, and we found that the front main bearing that supports the input shaft had ground itself into sand.

So, he has the input shaft with the inner race, and he has the outer race. He'll need to get the inner race of that bearing pressed off the shaft, then pick up a new bearing, a couple of roll pins and one round clip that we destroyed, along with some new transmission lubricant and we can put it all back together. I think we got all the little pieces of that bearing out of the gearbox, but we were finding pieces of it all the way back to the output shaft. I've never seen a bearing come apart like that one did. Some of the remaining balls in that bearing were dimpled like golf balls.

However, it's done for the present. I'm awaiting laundry tumbling in the dryer then bedtime. Tomorrow begins the week all over again.

Such is life.


Rivrdog said...

Isn't it great to have a vehicle that two guys can tear apart and fix like that?

How old is the truck?

Pawpaw said...

It's a late-80-something Nissan. Five speed standard transmission. Pain in the butt to disassemble, not like the tranny Ford used in the mid 70s. That one was easy to work on. This one comes apart differently.