Saturday, March 10, 2007


You've seen the photos. They're so common these days that searching for them is simple.

Members of the Religion of Peace advocating beheading someone.

Beheading is a big deal is Islam, evidently, yet they use the most inefficient methods of taking someone's head off. Now, I've cut the heads off of chickens, turkeys, pigs, deer, all manner of barnyard animal. It's a messy business. Lots of blood. It takes a sharp knife and some knowledge of animal physiology to take a head off easily. My victims were already dead, not struggling and screaming, so I imagine that cutting the head off a living victim is fairly difficult.

Yet, the Islam beheaders use a knife. From all indications, a dull knife.

For myself, if I were in the beheading business, I would already have rigged up a guillotine. Or invested in a chain saw. Either one of those will cut a head off rickety-tic.

Simply more evidence that Islam is a backward religion.


Anonymous said...

Read the first page of the koran. The peacful folks bible clearly states"death to the jews who blew their covenant, death to the Christians who blew their covenat, and death to anyone else since the third covenant with the muslims is the correct of the cow as I recall

Anonymous said...

I suspect that they use the most inefficient method simply because it is more horrific.