Sunday, March 05, 2006


I hate doing my income taxes. I also hate paying a tax professional because in my younger years I took a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Then, later I went to graduate school to burn my GI Bill. That degree is pretty much wasted paper, because I spent my adult life in law enforcement and the military reserves.

For me, with all the resources available to me, preparing my income tax return has been an ordeal that consumes the better part of three evenings at home after work.

Today, I hauled myself to Wal-Mart and picked up a copy of Turbo-Tax. The Deluxe version. I came home and installed it on the computer, and began work on my taxes at 1:30 p.m. At 4:15, I was done. Finis. Complete. Tomorrow I'll get copies made and put them in the mail.

The process itself was amazingly simple. The program uses an interview format and it walks you through the process asking questions and providing advice. It even looks for deductions of which the average taxpayer might not be aware. Then, it prints all the forms. It is a great program and I recommend it highly.

No, I didn't e-file. They want an additional $29.95 to e-file and the gummint gets enough of my money as it is. Screw-em. They'll get in the mail for about 40 cents.


Gunny John said...

For military folks, you can do the same thing for free online. Go to and follow the links to turbo tax. You can utilize the free turbo tax online service and efile. All free. Sorry Paw, you got ripped off.

Pawpaw said...


Shit happens. I've been ripped off before. It is the largest refund I ever got, and I enjoyed the process.