Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rainy Weekend

It has been a wet, rainy, miserable weekend here in Central Louisiana. This time of year we want to be out-and-about, but this weekend just sucked, weather-wise.

I did preventative maintenance on the lawnmowers and weedeater. Changed filters and sparkplugs where necessary and we are ready for grass cutting.

One day last week, my son came over to do some preventative maintenance on his car. The next day I noticed a large yellow spot expanding in the clover near the driveway. He came over again yesterday and noticed the spot. He asked if I was upset. I told him that I'd only have to mow that spot once. He went inside to apologize to Milady, who told him that the lawn was mine, and she didn't much care what grows or doesn't grow out there. She did caution him that if he came inside and messed up the floors, they might talk, but there was nothing in the lawn that burdened her heart.

Is it any wonder that I love that woman?

So, today is rain and wet and mud again. Not much happening out there. I do need uniforms for next week and Milady is asleep, having worked a 12 hour shift during the dark hours. She has to be up and moving again tonite, so slumber is her friend. I'm going to keep the house quiet today and do a little laundry.

This week is high-stakes testing for the Rapides Parish School Board. Faculty and teachers have been preparing for the past couple of months and tomorrow begins the examination. Four days of Maalox-swilling, Tums chewing, blood-pressure checking. The schools will be fairly amusing, I am sure.

Maybe I'll have time to tell a story later today.

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