Sunday, March 26, 2006

ISP Web Hosting matters

I just tried to log on to my ISP, to put something up on the net, and found that I can't access my files. Well, shit!

So, I called Tech Support and learned that my web hosting company, ShreveNet is no longer a local company, and you can't even talk to Tech Support on the phone. You talk to a service rep, who emails the guys in Tech Support. Well, shit!

I guess I am going to have to pull the pin, get my own domain and some server space. I should have done that years ago.

For right now, I can't post pictures, although they are still working. My little FTP program won't let me into the server, although I am told that the problem will be fixed by this time tomorrow. Dammit!

I'd really like a good local ISP in the Alexandria/Pineville area. I guess I need to get out the yellow pages and see who is available. I'd really like some guy or gal who I can lean on a counter and talk with. Or at least get on a telephone.

I don't even know how to go about registering a domain. Well, hell!


Anonymous said...

PawPaw, let me know if you'd like me to help you transition to WordPress running on your own domain. Having recently made the switch myself, I have most of the details still fresh in my mind.

$5 a month will get you in the game and that includes the domain. I use 1and1 for my domain hosting and they do a pretty decent job so far. (I've never had to phone technical support, so I can't say much about that side of things.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not clear on what you need. Blogger, your hosting provider, seems to be working fine today. Your ISP is what you use to connect your computer to the internet “cloud”. Perhaps your ISP also gives you some webspace, somewhere like and it's that space you are having trouble getting to via FTP?

I have hosting at $4 a month and my domain name cost me $2 for the first year and $8 for each additional year. I don't use a tenth of the alloted bandwidth, so I'm shopping around currently.

Anyway if it's a local ISP your looking for, I can be of no help. If it's web hosting you need, and one that you can get some face time with, well you have my prices. They're for bought-online-never-needed-tech-support prices though.