Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday morning gunfire

I wonder how people live in places like Massassuchetts, or California, or New York when I consider what is considered right and proper in suburban central Louisiana?

I live in the suburbs of the Alexandria/Pineville area, in a subdivision of houses that were constructed in the past four years. Sitting here at my computer this morning, I heard a gunshot from down the street, and I am not compelled to investigate. There are too many reasons that suggest a lawful, rational purpose to fire a weapon here. I'm mildly curious, but not enough to put on shoes and go outside.

Likely, some homeowner was forcibly evicting an armadillo or other vermin from the backyard, or killing a snake that crawled up from the woods. My neighbors are rational, hardworking people who value freedom, and cherish independence. They certainly wouldn't jeopardize their freedom by using a firearm in an unlawful manner.

So, a gunshot down the road isn't worth investigating without compelling evidence to the contrary. In other news, the weather outside is sunny, and the temps are '60-ish. I might have to go investigate that after I finish my coffee.


Anonymous said...

I love warm/moderate Louisiana mornings. Damn you Pawpaw. I've been back at work in north Mississippi for only 3 days now, and you're already making me yearn for my south Louisiana home. Must be nice for you. My fiance lives out in the country, so it's not rare to hear a gunshot or two, usually followed by a large flock of black birds trying to fly away.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go investigate. You can have a beer while you watch your neighbor cook what he just shot.

Anonymous said...

Well, what was the shot, Pawpaw? Inquiring mins want to know.

Gunny John said...

I would investigate as well. What better way to potentially get a bite of what he shot?