Saturday, March 11, 2006

Baton Rouge CCW shooting - update IV

We learn this morning that the autopsy has been released on George Temple, the thug shot by Mr. Stephens in Baton Rouge. It tells an interesting tale.
Officer Brian Harrison, 32, shot George Temple II, 24, in the abdomen, says Temple’s autopsy report, which the Coroner’s Office released on Friday.

The shot was fired during a scuffle between the two men in the parking lot of the AutoZone at 9007 Greenwell Springs Road, authorities have said.

“This type of shot would not have incapacitated someone,” said Don Moreau, chief of operations for the Coroner’s Office. “It struck no bone or no major organs. He would have lived from this with proper medical attention. It was not a fatal injury.”
We knew from earlier reports that Officer Harrison had shot Temple. We didn't know where Temple was hit. Now we do.

We still don't know the timeline, which is critical in all shootings. When the first shot is fired is important in understanding these things. We can be reasonably certain that Harrison's gun was out of his holster during the fight, because Temple was shot with it. We just don't know when it first came into play.

We also learn that Mr. Stephens stopped the fight.
Five serial shots from witness Perry Stephens, 56, caused major injuries and ultimately killed Temple, the report says.

Two of those shots hit Temple’s left lung. Two more perforated his back chest skin and his upper back and lower neck. One shot hit Temple’s brain, the report says.

“The brain shot killed him,” Moreau said. “The other shots, eventually, probably would have killed him.”
This is the lesson for those of us who carry daily. The brain shot ended the fight. There were six shots fired, according to this report. One from the police officer, five from the man who came to the officers aid.

Don't believe everything you see on TV. A person shot in the abdomen or in the thorax is still thinking, still moving, still able to do bodily harm. Even a shot to the lungs is not immediately fatal. Temple continued the fight with multiple bullets in his body. Only the shot to the brain ended the fight.

I get asked the question often enough. "Do you have to shoot for the heart? Couldn't you just shoot him in the leg or something?" The answer is simple. When I take out my gun, I want to stop someone from committing a crime. All the perpetrator needs do is stop.

I don't want to kill anyone. I don't intend to kill a single soul. I don't want to lve with the knowledge that my actions caused another person to die. I shoot to stop. If the person stops, then the fight is over. Surrender is always an option.

George Temple continued the fight. George Temple made choices that led to his death. George Temple could have stopped after the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth bullets entered his body. He continued to fight.

Perry Stephens ended the fight. His fifth bullet stopped George Temple.

This situation was all about George Temple. He could have stopped at any time. George Temple is the bad guy in this chain of events. He is the one who should pay for his actions.

Mr. Stephens should sue the estate of George Temple and everyone associated with that estate. Mr. Stephens should also sue the NAACP for escalating tensions in this matter. The investigation shows that George Temple made some bad choices and paid for them. This investigation would have been conducted without NAACP agitation. This investigation was both necessary and proper and would have shown the truth. The NAACP is making some bad choices, and the best way to stop them is in Court.

Hat Tip to Junior.


Gunny John said...

The time tested "double tap" does the trick every time. Usually, if the right loads are used, the round to the chest is effective. I'd be interested to see Mr Temple's toxicology results.

Xavier said...

Damned fine Pawpaw!

Gunny John said...

Any idea what Stephens was carrying?

Anonymous said...

A Man was killed and I can't believe that people are so willing to blame him. It does not mater whose fault it was but the end result cost some one his life. People like Mr. Stephens get to walk around thinking there a hero but just know that in Gods book no matter what killing someone (right or wrong ) is still a sin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous, I would like to add a couple of things.

First of all, if you look at the original Hebrew words used in the Ten Commandments, you will find that our translation of "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is actually rendered in Hebrew to be "Thou Shalt Not MURDER."

Now, I cannot be sure - I was not there - but if Mr. Temple was attempting to get Harrison's gun I can readily assume that Temple was trying to shoot Harrington with it.

Mr. Stephens, coming to the aid of the law officer, was arguably PREVENTING the murder of Officer Harrison.

There was plenty of killing in the Bible - much of it was in defense of one's family or homeland. God ordained this - he even supported the Hebrews in many fights.

Don't be so quick to tell everyone what God would say - JUST because you don't have a better argument.

V. Archimiel said...

"In Gods book"..

Really Anonymous? Care to show me in "Gods" (and I use that term very loosely) where it says self-defense killing is a sin?

Comeon... you can do it, right? You just preached it to us, so proving it should be a cakewalk.

Anonymous said...

Another bleeding heart crying over someone who would rape rob and murder with out a second thought . Your a failure has a person if your only actions are that of a book that was wrote by drunks