Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I was surfing over at the Coyote today and came upon this picture. I apologize for the quality, but it was stolen from a newspaper. I got it from the Coyote.

That is a picture of some Palestinian folks that the Israelis captured today. Their future is not quite as bright as some, but at least they are alive and well. They may survive prison. The reporter complained that they were transported blinfolded, in their underwear.

Look closely at the blindfolds. Do you see any covering the eyes, or does that look like the headbands that those folks normally wear? Common error. Reporter needs to get his facts straight.

Now, as to the underwear. Way back in 1990, a good friend of mine, Gerald W. Moberly, went to arrest a guy. The guy was found at home in his underwear. Gerald let the guy go to a bedroom to get some pants and the guy killed him. Gerald worked for me. I was a pall-bearer at his funeral.

Our procedures changed overnight. You went to jail like you were found. If you came to the door in your drawers, you went to jail in your drawers. If we found you nekkid in bed, you went to jail with your tally-whacker swinging.

It is very easy to search someone who is wearing only his drawers. It is even easier to search someone who is naked.

We would call the jail and have them bring a blanket out before we got there. No sense offending the ladies at the jail. Of course, many of the ladies who work in jails would just point, laugh, and comment on the size of the equipment.

Which is just exactly what got Lyndie England in trouble.

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Gunny John said...

These nutjobs that protest the "cruel torture" of the fanatical enemy personnel have no concept of torture. Perhaps they should have a candid chat with some American POW's from the Vietnam War.