Saturday, March 25, 2006

Girl Hunting

Get in the wayback machine with me and visit a small town college campus in the middle 1970's. We'll be at a place called NSU, a state college of Louisiana.

I attended the place. It was college, and it was close to home and it formed the basis of a B.S. Degree I've never really used. The B.S. in this case is in Business Administration. Not the BS that people who know me think I have.

Anyway, a visit to the campus in the middle 70's would show even the disintereted observer that the place was chock full of ..... girls. Girls of all stripes, all colors, all IQ's and desires. The simple fact was that it was (and is) a teacher college, with a fairly good English department, a heck of a Music department, and a thriving Beer department at the bars just off campus.

Many of these girls were from north Louisiana. Rural North Lousiana. They wanted to experience the world, they wanted to learn new things. They were out of the clutches of their parents, finding themselves in the world.

Us guys, who were also away from our parents, had found them too. Girls, girls, girls. The major occupation of the guys was keeping a good enough GPA that the Dean didn't eject you from the campus. In the parlance of the military, a college campus in the '70s was a target-rich environment. If you were fortunate to be an upperclassman you could get an apartment off-campus and pick up strays. AIDS had't been invented yet, the Pill was in common usage. The sexual revolution was in full flower. Viet Nam was winding down and the world outside the college gates was a distant dream of adulthood and next year.

One morning I recall fondly, I awoke from a night of debauchery to the smell of bacon and biscuits. One young sweetie lay in the bed beside me. I pulled on my jeans and made my way to the kitchen to find another young lass cooking breakfast. She informed me that if I would divest myself of the nights entertainment she would assist me with the days activities. It was a wonderful time to be alive.

Then I stumble across this piece from Dr. Helen. It seems that the college campuses are faced with a problem. Too many girls. They are turning them away in droves.

College administrators are ignorant, myopic bureaucrats. They have failed to learn the one lesson that every bar-owner in the world has learned. If you want the guys to attend, you gotta have the girls. A bar owner does everything possible to attract the ladies, because the guys will follow. If you want the guys inside, pack the place with women.

College administrators are nitwits.


Pawpaw said...

Wrong, Nick. I had a job. I was one of the unfortunates whut had to work his way through college. I was working for South Central Bell, (now BellSouth) as a janitor for the princely sum of $2.50 per hour. Out of that $2.50 per hour came rent (%75.00/mo), utilities ($20.00/mo), tuition ($365.00/sememster) and food. I was broke most of the time.

I signed up for ROTC to get the $100.00/mo stipend so I could have beer and gas money. That morphed into a scholarship for my Junior and Senior year, a commission, and three years of high adventure as a Tank Officer. By that time, I too had fallen in love, gotten married and started a family.

But, it was a hell of a ride while it lasted.

Anonymous said...


As both a bartender and a returning college student..... AMEN!


Anonymous said...

During my five years at NSU from 1990 to 1995 I paid no attention at all to the hallways and classrooms filled with drop dead gorgeous girls. I concentrated strictly on my studies.