Saturday, March 18, 2006

Remember New Orleans

Remember back in September, when Eddie Compass said that they were going to confiscate firearms in New Orleans? Then the city maintained that it didn't confiscate any firearms?

Well, bullshit!

The city of New Orleans now says it has guns confiscated during the Katrina fiasco and that citizens can go pick them up, if they can prove ownership.

Rotten bastards!

How many of you folks can prove ownership of a particular firearm? If the New Orleans PD kicked down your door right now, could you prove eight months later that the gun they took from you is your lawful property?

Those sorry sons of bitches!

I admit that I am remiss in fully inventorying my tiny stock of firearms. That little detail will be completed this weekend, then I'll have to find a notary to complete an affadavit.

Those firearms should be tagged with an evidence tag, stating where it was confiscated, with the name of the officer that did the deed. That officer should be individually sued by the NRA or the SAF for violation of civil rights. Better yet, let the aggrieved citizen file charges against the individual officer. Let that officer stand before a Federal Magistrate and explain why the firearm was confiscated.

I'm having an RCOB moment.

When the gun-grabbers are whistling their bullshit, surrounded by their armed guards, remember New Orleans!

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Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment Foundation has been just fabulous with publishing court papers relating to this case. As long as you can read a PDF, they have 'em on their website. Much better than a 800lb gorilla of a gunowners rights groups that I could mention.

Anyway, apparently if you don't have any proof, you can swear out an affidavit. Hopefully your stuff is distinctive enough that you can describe it.

“Please be patient inasmuch as records are incomplete and the police are currently understaffed. Records are most accessible if you can supply your gun’s serial number. Claims can be made based on proof of ownership or, lacking such documents, an affidavit that the item belongs to you.”

Yup, they are understaffed. Ain't that special?