Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rental in New Orleans

Someone mentioned in Comments that the problem in New Orleans isn't jobs, it is housing.

Okay. I'll buy that. Lets do what any prospective pilgrim does when he blows into town. Look in the classifieds for a place to rent. Lets set the search parameters at $900.00 per month. Not much money for New Orleans and vicinity. Clicking on the search button, we get 31 different listings, and some of those are multiple listings.
Above Canal
456-1544 1205 St Charles Av 1106 1 $900 1205 St Charles Av 407 1 $2,500 300 Lake Marina 6c 1 $2,200 300 Lake Marina 3c 1 $2,750 300 Lake Marina 4be 2 $2,800 7442 Pitt St 1 $535 7438 Pitt St 1 $535 228 Millaudon St 1 $600 1710 Fern St 2 $1,900 2216 Pine St 3 $1,695 8232 Panola St 3 $2,000 7426 Freret St 3 $2,895 1019 Hillary St 3 $3,500 8217 Freret St 1 $1,800 1812 Audubon St 2 $1,500 3900 Prytania St C 1 $1,195 1725 Bordeaux St B 1 $1,800 1725 Bordeaux St A 1 $1,800 2309 General Pershing 2 $1,000 2613 Marengo St 2 $1,800 1128 Constantinople 3 $1,200 5330 Danneel St 3 $2,500 1329 St Andrew St 7 1 $1,300 1115 Washington Av 1 $1,500 1115 Washington Av A 1 $1,500 3138 Magazine St 2 2 $2,000 1436 Jackson Av 4a 2 $2,200 3138 Magazine St 3 2 $2,250 3138 Magazine St 4 2 $2,850 2420 Pine St 3 $1,950
That is one listing, folks.

Seems like there might be other places for rent, because if I know a housing market, at any given time less than half the available apartments are listed. Sometimes you just have to go door-to-door to find the really neat apartments.

So, does the argument that "housing is the big problem" hold water? Judge for yourself. I know that if I wanted to live and work in New Orleans, I could rent a one-bedroom for a couple of months until I could find better digs and bring the family back from Houston. Jobs are available, apartments are available. They are both listed in the Times-Picayune.


Anonymous said...

Nick, contractors brought the Hispanic workers to New Orleans and provided lodging for them.

Pawpaw, explain how someone who left New Orleans with nothing but the clothes on their backs can come up with a month's rent in advance on any of the apartments you listed. There's also a little matter of utility deposits.

Anonymous said...

>J, you are wrong. There were many Hispanic workers who went there with no solid living arrangements,

Hummmm . . . can't even speak English and they travel 100s of miles from Mexico to New Orleans looking for work? Not hardly. The contractors brought them in busses and vans.

Gunny John said...

How about the money they received from the Red Cross and FEMA? Oh yeah, they used it on booze and electronics while partying in Houston.

Hard working poeple won't stay down for long. The professional victims will.

Anonymous said...

So . . . Jarhead . . . you'd deny help to the many who desperately need it in order to prevent a few from abusing it?

Anonymous said...

You are all speaking from the perspective of people who don't live in New Orleans. I am personally looking at renting 7426 Freret and I know for a fact that it is student fact, I have looked at several of of these houses and most of them are near or around the university. The entire reason all of these houses are up for rent is that leases are expiring and other students are signing. Even ignoring that, there is no good public transportation in this area because the streetcars are down and the bus only shows up occasionally at best. The hispanic workers at the moment are living in houses that are unfit for human occupation and they pack twice or three times as many people into these houses as there should be.

FEMA, since the beginning, has been and still is ineffectual and the government as a whole has failed its duty to protect the american people who live in the city of New Orleans.

Then on top of that, here you all are arguing about something that you havn't researched sufficently and making sweeping generalizations, trying to excuse the unjust way that New Orleans citizens are being treated. This is not the way America should operate.