Monday, September 11, 2023

Strange Laws

 In the post below, regarding blowing hors while passing, juvat asks

I've never heard of that law. Is it a Louisiana law or Federal?

That is Louisiana law.  We have some weird laws in Louisiana.  For example, it is against the law n Louisiana to wrestle a bear.  Yeah, really.  There was a time when carnivals or fairs would have a small bear.  They would sheath its claws and let people wrestle it.  If you pinned the bear you won a prize.  PETA put a stop to it.

I suppose that if you find a bear in your back yard and decide to hold an impromptu wrestling match it would be perfectly legal, if not perfectly stupid.

There was once a law that if you were driving a motor vehicle within the city limits, it required a pedestrian with a flag to 30 feet in front of the vehicle to warn pedestrians.  That law has since been repealed.


Anonymous said...

Kentucky has (or used to have) the same law. We also used to have a law that if a car was in our city limits there needed to be someone preceding it announcing a car was coming and to hold onto your horses so they didn't get excited and cause damage.

I was in the western part of the state last week and thought about extending the trip and see the competition. My wife didn't think that was suitable for our 50th anniversary. Of course, keeping her away from my guns is probably how we made it 50 years. :D

BobF said...

Don't know why but all this reminded me of the Justin Wilson joke about the driver who was scared because if the oncoming was as wide as he was high he'd have been creamed. Foggy, a car carrier turned on the headlights of the front TOP car for better visibility.

I kinda miss Justin Wilson.

Anonymous said...

In Alabama it is illegal to put a ice cream cone in your back pocket.
[Horse thieves would get a horse to follow them while trying to get a lick]