Sunday, September 24, 2023

I Am Reminded

 Reading the paper this morning, I see that there is a new ABC/WaPo poll that shows Donald Trump up over Joe Biden by 10 points.

I am reminded of an elections that happened here back in the 1960s.  A local sheriff had good support, but he was hated by the local judge and DA.  So, during the election, they indicted him over some bullshit misdemeanor, and convicted him, and the judge sentenced him to serve six months in his local jail.

The sheriff held himself as a strong law-and-order type, so he checked in to his own jail.  There was a little holding cell near the front door of the jail and the Sheriff sat there during the day.  Anyone could visit him.  He sat in the cell and talked to people.  Little old ladies, pastors, and others came to see the Sheriff.  He answered their questions, talked and prayed with them, and allowed reporters to interview him.

Come election day, he was re-elected handily.  20 points over his nearest rival.  All while serving time in his own jail. The voters saw what was going on and set out to make it right.

Back to today's poll.  The voters see what is going on, and we just might elect a felon to the office of the President. The pollsters are stunned, and the Washington elite  are soiling their pants.

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Anonymous said...

SO I was just discussing this with a buddy of mine over a big fatty....

They know Potato head can't win. Cackles the clown can't either. To try to suggest, would prove the fraud, trouble. Can't kill Trump, and he too will run from jail if that's the case.

What to do....?

If potato joe and the ho were out of the picture somehow, they could run a someone like newsome, or maybe even big mike, who knows... but with a 'real' candidate against trump, they can make the fraud more believable, and avoid a civil war.