Friday, September 01, 2023

Power Outage

 We had a power outage today.  For no particular reason, beautiful day, but the electricity is out.  For no apparent reason.  Go figure.  I dragged the generator outside, fired it off, and powered up the shop.  It did well.  We'll call this a dry run in case we ever have to do it for real.

The power went off at 11:00, came back on sometime after 1:00. I disconnected everything and reverted the shop to pole power.  Let the generator cool and put it away.

We have a major intersection about 100 yards from the house, and our circuit powers the traffic lights.  I can't imagine that the power company would shut the power off frivolously. But, no one ever gets an explanation of why the power went off. Did Rocky the Flying Squirrel trip a braker somewhere?  Did an ISIS armadillo commit martyrdom in the transfer station?  Or, did some doofus slam into a light pole,   We'll never know and the imagination runs wild.


Old NFO said...

And of course the power company will never say... sigh

Dave said...

Very OT, but I can't find an email or contact in your profile.

This happened in your neck of the woods. Any thoughts?