Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 After the Covid debacle, you would think that our medical professionals would be a bit more humble, after seeing what they wrought on the public after that debacle.

Over-counting deaths, failing to use common, available medicines, putting the general public at risk due to a lack of routine care, or deferred care.  After seeing the piss-poor performance of the medical profession diruing that disaster, it's a wonder that any of us have any faith at all.

And yet, like much our aging population, I am forced to deal with medical doctors on a regular basis.  Much more regular than I'd like. They refer nilly-willy, passing the buck from one specialist to another, without even so much as a howdy-do to the patient.  Seeing as many patients as they can see on a daily basis,  Most of them don't even know my name, without looking at a chart, or more likely these days, a tablet.

It's pure retail medicine.  Mazimize profits  

I used to hold medical doctors in high regard.  To say that these days I am only mildly disillusioned would be a stretch.


Anonymous said...

Like you, I think the medical profession appears to be more interested in how many patients can you squeeze in a day rather than attempting to cure their maladies as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm pretty lucky - my GP is down to earth (wears jeans and t-shirt) and looks you in the eye when he discusses what is wrong and how to fix. Very nice guy. Down side is appointment times are hard to get.

Anonymous said...

I retired from the medical field at seventy, three years ago. You can't be more disillusioned than those of us on the inside. I got sucked into the modern medical morass due to the health problems that caused me to retire. After experiencing the general inattention to drug side effects and a general lack of concern and interest in me and my health I have found a dietary program that has actually dealt with my most severe issues. My doctors are mystified how I have improved, but I don't talk to them about it as all they seem to be focused on is ldl cholesterol. Modern research has shown ldl is not the problem the medical profession and big Pharm, but I repeat myself, would like to convince you it is. The drugs they make so much money on with their horrific and common side effects are the focus not you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. 3 different Drs all just slapped me on a prescription antacid.
I changed my location only - diet, exercise (lack thereof), coffee, alcohol, smoke, all stayed the same, yet I no longer need prescription antacids?

Never once was any course of action OTHER THAN a pill discussed with me.

Hate the whole industry.