Thursday, September 21, 2023

Herd Medicine

 I was in the cattle business for about fifteen years.  I ran a hobby herd of cattle.  There came a time twice a year when we needed to doctor the cattle. So, I had a catch pen, a sorting chute and a squeeze chute.  Run then in the catch pen, sort them in the shorting chute, then run them through the squeeze chute.  Castrate the steers, hit them all with a doze of ivermectin,  then run fly poison down their backs.  Turnthem out in the pasture.


This morning I had a doctors appointment for a stress test on my ticker. We had an earlier appointment, but the doc's office rescheduled.  For their convenience.  So, I showed up at the appointed time, only to be run down to the sorting chute, where I waited for an hour before it was my turn to go through the squeeze chute. The test came out fine, I guess.  They didn't have me immediately report to the main hospital.

So, to recap, We had an appointment.  The doc rescheduled for his convenience, then today they were running an hour late.  I never saw the doctor.  When I do see him, I will register my disapproval of the way he runs his office.

Don't treat me like a herd animal.


Anonymous said...

And this is why I retired from practice. My group used to be physician led and patient focused. When the bean counters took over all of that went away. All they are interested in is how many critters can be run through the chute and how much money can be extracted from them.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, say, 20-22-ish, I had a Drs appointment for nothing important, don't even remember what it was... maybe refill a script?
Had to take off work, they only do appointments during working hours, was hard enough to get the boss to give me the time off.
Sat in the waiting room 45 minutes (after appt time). Finally get me in back, another 30 minutes doing nothing in that room. Nurse messes with me for 15 minutes or so (height, weight, BP), and an hour and a half after the appointed time, I get my audience with the M D.

... I bet he didn't envision that encounter when he woke up that morning!

Why do you even bother setting an appointment time?
Why is it you're only available during working hours, how am I supposed to get here? I WORK!
Who's paying me for the 2 hours of lost wages I spent sitting around your waiting room for the appointment you couldn't keep? I could have been working, made enough money to pay your co-pay, you now have cost me twice as much money for an appointment I didn't even need?
I got 3 guys on my crew and we're never more than 20 minutes off schedule, I see 5 women working in your office and you're out 2 hours? What's your excuse?

I probably had something put on my permanent record after that tirade. I ripped him a new one. He was totally incredulous. And THAT's why I lit into him: "oh, you feel I have disrespected YOU? Lemme tell you something, Doc!" and off I went on an epic rant! The arrogance of medical people really piss me off. Think they're holy or something... like the tarts all dancing during the KungFlu, never saw such idiotic tripe in my life!

Gusmo said...

Hi PawPaw, I enjoy your blog, and frequently send gems from it to my friends.
It sounds like you've managed to avoid the whole VA "Health Care" system. I've had several appointments cancled, calls not returned and hostile Health "Care" provider interactions. Of course, I'm here in Phoenix, and our hospital made headlines for a while. One of my email addresses is M60Tanker, so you know I'm a seasoned citizen as well.

BobF said...

Tuesday this week:
0730 appointment, first of the day
0730 lights come on and front door opens; have a seat, I'll call you when we're ready to check you in
0743 ready for checking patients in; checked in, returned to seat
0754 tech calls me in and directs me to exam room #1; I proceed
0801 tech who called and directed comes in; so, what brings you in today? Well, if you read the paper in front of you it says I'm here every 30 days for follow-up and Rx refills. Any other questions? He correctly senses hostility. OK, the doctor will be in shortly. Doesn't bother with vitals.
0817 nurse practitioner, who I see regularly and prefer to the doc, comes in. So, anything to report? No, just need refills, current dosage is working OK. OK, I'll have it sent in within the hour. See you next month!
0819 I exit the exam room and head for checkout/scheduling. Nobody there. I go around to the front desk. Oh, you'll have to see "checkout." I've been there and I was alone. Can't you schedule me? Oh, OK. Would you like 0730 again? NO! There is no such thing as 0730 here. Make it 0800. Oh, OK.
0823 I leave the zoo.

Reminder -- that was an 0730 appointment, FIRST OF THE DAY and actual care/business took less than 2 minutes. Educated thieves.

And yes, I knew what was brewing when the door didn't open until 0730 so I took notes; times are accurate to the nearest minute.

Anonymous said...

Had Doc apt at 1 on Monday. Was in and out in 25 minutes. Always like that here. We have had no riots, no store destruction, no protesters. We do have a murder or two each year, last year had 1, that are almost all domestic or drug related. When 2020 happened at least 3 people wanted to loan or give me a gun if I didn't have one.

Old Grump. said...

Vet eligible for all VA services etc. The only way you could get me in a VA facility was if I was unconscious and was found with my old pre social security RA dog tags as my only identity. After I got out, I always worked for companies That had good med insurance, most with minimal premiums. Just couldn't see driving a hundred miles to be treated like a stray dog at the pound.