Saturday, September 23, 2023

June 2022

 Several sources are reporting that the search warrant for Bob Menendez house was conducted in June, 2022.

You need probable cause to get a search warrant.  I've gotten several.  You get the basics of the crime, then decide what you are looking for, then get a judge to sign a warrant.  Then you execute the warrant.  The results of the warrant either prove or disprove the probable cause.

This is September 2023.  The warrant was executed in June 2022.  They found gold bars and cash. Why did they wait so long to get the indictment?  Bob Menendez lives in New Jersey.  Why is the indictment out of the southern district of New York? Whazzup with that?  Was Garland slow-walking this like he slow-walked the Hunter investigation?

If any of this is provable, Menendez should have been in jail a year ago.  As the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, how many more gold bars has he accumulated over the past year?


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

2022 was an election year.

Anonymous said...

Hang em all!!!! Let God sort the good ones out.

Steve Sky said...

You are assuming the found gold bars there as opposed to putting them there, and then "finding" them.

Old NFO said...

Good question and election year played a part???

Drew458 said...

Low hanging fruit to show the DOJ is "even handed". "BM" (perfect initials for him) has always been a dirty little minded dirtbag.

I'm tired of the whole corrupt commie clown parade. Let's just have the revolution now so we can shoot these assholes by the hundreds of thousands, and all the freaking illegals and other freaks as well. There really is no other solution.