Thursday, September 14, 2023

Biden Indicted

 Not Joe, but his son Hunter.  Hunter Biden has been indicted on federal gun charges. 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hunter Biden was indicted Thursday on federal firearms charges, the latest step in a long-running investigation into the president’s son that puts the case on track toward a possible high-stakes trial as the 2024 election looms.

He is innocent until proven guilty.  But the timing is awfully suspect, as has been the timing on almost everything coming out of the Biden Justice Dept.

What is most interesting is that the media may be turning on Biden, finally noticing aloud that Joe is showing his age and increasingly, signs of dementia.  David Ignatius, a well-known liberal writer is making the case that Biden should not run for a second term. They are saying it out loud, and by my count, he's been on MSBNC, and covered in the Washington Post, The Hill, and Axios.  Those media outlets are not known for covering conservative talking points.

The problem that Biden has, is that in many states we are running up against time restrictions on whether a person can qualify to be on the ballot. There is no federal law I know of, but each state has its own laws regarding qualifying be on a ballot.  If Joe waits too long to drop out, the successor may not be able to get his or her name on the ballot in several states.  It's hard to get electoral votes if no one can vote for you.

So, we have major liberals calling for Joe to step aside, and Hunter has been indicted on fedeal gun charges.  All in the same week.  There are no coincidences in politics.


Anonymous said...

probation...all he will get...

Jester said...

I honestly don't think he was supposed to go for a second term. Read that how you may.

Anonymous said...

Weiss is a political hack. This is a coverup, you can bet on it.

Termite said...

Is this in lieu of investigating the bank reports of millions of dollars flowing into and out of various Biden bank accounts?

Hunter "takes one for the Family", to keep the media attention off the other stuff?