Monday, September 04, 2023

Labor Day

This is one holiday I really like.  No gifts, no expectations.  I worked many Labor Days, because lots of folks work on Labor Day. 

Belle and I are prepping for a trip to Kentucky.  We're going to the Kentucky State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw.  This is one of our favorite shoots, and we leave Wednesday morning.  I have spent most of the morning going through the competition guns and gear, making sure screws are tight and the guns are clean and ready for a major match.

The weather-weenies are calling for thunderstorms later today, and I'm good with it.  There is still a huge wildfire risk in Louisiana.  We need rain.  Elder son runs the water production for a middling city and he tells me that he spent last week mitigating the fire risk to his well sites.  Louisiana could use a good drenching and may be those thunderstorms predicted will help with that.


juvat said...

Good luck in all the above. If you’re in control of rain, could we prevail on you to send a bit to that state immediately west of you?


Old NFO said...

Enjoy the trip and shoot 'em good! :-)