Monday, March 27, 2023

Messed Up Monday

 I spent today in the hospital.  No, not for me, I'm fine.  Belle had a scheduled procedure and I was there supporting her.  She came through surgery just fine, and is resting in the hospital .  She will be there for another day or so, and we hope to get her out on Wednesday.

While I was waiting, I happened to notice that a person of interest had opened fire at a Christian school near Nashville. Initial reports were weird, and continued to get weirder as the day progressed.  A mentally challenged guy... a crazed cross-dresser... a transgender woman is the prime suspect.  We may never know.  It seems that the shooter presented the police with a good center-mass target and he she is no longer in the gene pool.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors of this tragedy.  I understand that three children and three adults are victims of this tragedy.  The shooter is also dead, but I won't count him her with the victims.

As I have said before, initial accounts are often wrong and the reporting has been demonstrably wrong several times today.  It is simply the nature of these things.  The story will clear up in the coming days and we will hopefully learn from this tragedy

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Old NFO said...

Agree, and I'm invoking the 72 hour rule before I comment.