Tuesday, March 21, 2023

It's Ready

 The tractor project I started in January is ready to go out to the family property and be used for maintenance.  It's a Kubota L3400, used with less than 400 hours.  My mechanic son went through it and declared it sound, and I did a little work to make the bucket more useful.  A couple of strap hooks and chain hooks are welded on, and I replaced that tiny factory tool box with something that is useful.

On Monday, I went to Tractor Supply and bought a rotary cutter.  While I may have liked to have something more robust, I had to match the available implements with the available cash.

That rotary cutter shipped "flat".  Some assembly required.  I spent today getting it put together, but I think it fits the tractor well.

In a day or so, my son will be here with a trailer and we'll take it to the family property.


Old NFO said...

That should take care of 'most' things you need to cut.

Termite said...


You may get requests to come bush-hog other folks land, LOL.

Does $90/hr sound fair, with a 3 hr minimum?

Anonymous said...

X2 for Termite"s comment ... Love this blog , you have a lot more fans than you think

Anonymous said...

Awesome job!
I acquired my used B7800 in November for $14,500 with all the implements a man could want.
Last night at 6 pm I got my garden tilled ahead of today's rain.

Anonymous said...

Curious, too. Might be worth buying an old trailer!
I've heard a lot of machine guys have a set rate for 1st hour (includes $$$ to cover time to chain everything down and drive there...), different rate for successive hours.

Slipstrm111 said...

check the brush hog and make sure it has lube in the gearbox, mine did not!

Anonymous said...

Hubby decided we needed a Kubota. I said nope, no way. Two years prior we had bought the biggest riding lawn mower possible. We had been looking, sporadically, for a retirement home. More his part than mine. So he finds spot to go look at and presto changeo we sold home for cash in 24 hours and bought His dream home in another state. He later mused that he would have quit looking if we had bought the Kubota. My home we sold is now going for twice the price we sold for. Oh, well such is life.